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Arricam LT (Lite)

ARRI Camaras

The Arricam Lite (LT) is the compact, lightweight sibling to Arricam Studio (ST). Both cameras represent the pinnacle of analog 35mm sync sound cameras developed with dependable Arri precision and reliability. This line of Arri cameras is equipped with features such as: an electronic mirror shutter, the best and brightest optical viewfinders, a 5-link movement for optimum image steadiness, and modular accessories to meet your unique shooting needs.

Our LT is fully kitted with Elo side and top plates, and is ready to fly on steadicam, drone, or technocranes. 

Arricam 400' and Arricam1000' magazines available. 

Camera Details
Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 6.21.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 6.23.21 PM.png
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