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Cooke S4 Primes

COOKE Primes 

The S4 series are a fully comprehensive lineup of 18 matched focal lengths. S4 lenses are designed to provide maximum performance at full aperture with superior control of flare, distortion and spherical aberration – ensuring the Cooke Look remains true across the series.Ergonomically designed to have smooth and accurate travel – whilst utilising precision mechanics to provide a consistent feel in operation through the entire focus movement.

Available in:

Cooke S4 14mm T2.0

Cooke S4 18mm T2.0

Cooke S4 21mm T2.0

Cooke S4 25mm T2.0

Cooke S4 32mm T2.0

Cooke S4 40mm T2.0

Cooke S4 50mm T2.0

Cooke S4 75mm T2.0 

Cooke S4 100mm Macro T2.0

Cooke S4 135mm T2.0

Lens Data Table
Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 1.28.41 PM.png
Cooke S4 Primes

Cooke S4 Primes

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