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Hasselblad 503CW
Medium Format Camera

1 x Hasselblad 503CW Body

1x 40mm CFE F4

1x 50mm CFE f4

1x 80mm CFE f2.8

1x Flash Sync Cables 

3 x 120 Backs 

1xPelican Storm Case 

1x Waist Level Finder

1x Eye LevelFinder

Contax 645 Medium Format Camera

1 x Contax 645 Body

2 x 120/220 Backs

1x 45mm f2.8

1x 80mm f2

1x 120mm (Marco) f4

1x 140mm F2.8

1x 210mm F4 

1x TTL Flash

1x Bottom Battery Grip 

1x Pelican Hard Case 

1x Strap for Camera 

1x Lens hoods for all lenses

Contax T3 - 35mm Point & Shoot

Contax T3 is a professional grade fully automatic point and shoot. You can program focus distance, aperture, and set flash settings so that you have more creative control. Shutter speed is always automatic, but there is an indicator in the viewfinder.

1x Contax Strap

1x Pelican Case

1x Leather Case 



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